The Virginia Beach Education Association welcomes you to Virginia Beach City Public Schools

Our Mission

To advocate for education professionals and to unite our members to fulfill the promise of public education and to prepare every student to succeed in a diverse and interdependent world.

Our Vision

A professional working environment for all Virginia Beach City School employees.

"I'm a member of the VBEA because I am an education professional and as such it is my obligation to join my professional association. Lawyers join the American Bar Association; therefore educators should join the Virginia Beach Education Association."

- Kathleen Slinde, 2nd Grade Teacher

"The Virginia Beach Education Association (VBEA) has my back. I would not step foot in a school without the support and benefits of the education association. Not a day goes by that you do not need the VBEA."

- Joyce Franzese, ESL Teacher

Top Ten Reasons to Join the Virginia Beach Education Association Today



We are your voice at all 3 levels of government, local, state, and national.


Peace of Mind

As a member, you will have the support of a trained member advocate who is there for YOU! Angry parent, difficult student, disagreement with an administrator, give us a call.


Agent for Change

The VBEA policy committee is working to get changes made that will make things better for our employees and students. First up: Planning time...


Access to Local Decision Makers

The VBEA President meets regularly with the Superintendent and school board members to express YOUR voice!


Leadership Opportunities

Members have access to the best information and trainers in our profession that support those who wish to be leaders in public education advocacy.

Opportunities include: Building Representative, Officer, Committee Member, Professional Development Presenter, and Government Relations Advocate


Professional Development Opportunities

The VBEA, VEA, and NEA provides a plethora of workshops and conferences led by highly trained staff and/or members; offerings are based on member input as opposed to administrators or politicians. High quality professional development adresses your interests and your student's needs.


Social Justice Advocacy

There are many opportunities to advocate for social justice from the school-to-prison pipeline to bullying issues, to access to full-day kindergarten, that impact our students and our employees.


Your Voice for Better Funding

We are constantly trying to increase funding for public education to help with class size, compensation, and a host of other issues.


Health Care Cost Advocacy

VEA sponsored legislation has led to a statewide city/county employee health care system that will help reduce health care costs!


1 Million Dollars in Liability Insurance

If you are ever sued, you will have an attorney provided for you for free, and up to 1 million dollars in coverage for EACH member and EACH occurance.

VBEA membership is open to active and retired employees of Virginia Beach City Public Schools. Members of the VBEA are also members of the Virginia Education Association and National Education Association.

Local Resources

Access to our local office with full-time staff, professional learning opportunities, advice and support, and legal representation.

Statewide Impact

The VEA actively shapes laws and regulations impacting education throughout Virginia.

National Vision

The NEA advocates for education professionals in the United States with the vision of every student attending a great public school.

Eclusive Benefits

VBEA membership offers special discounts and benefits to teachers, staff and all who contribute to the learning of our students.