What Our Members Are Saying

"The VBEA has provided so many opportunities for me to connect with other education professionals across the district. My membership has made me a better educator."

-Andrea E.
Art Teacher 

"I am a VBEA member for the children we teach and the voice for all involved in our educational setting. I am involved to protect the programs that enhance the learning experience of our students."

-Fran M.
Retired Pre-K Teacher

"I am a professional educator and as such, it is imperative that I belong to my professional association.  I have enjoyed quality professional development, leadership opportunities, vital networking, shopping discounts and top notch legal representation.  I have belonged to the education association since 1990 and have never once regretted it!"

-Dawn E.
Math Teacher

"I'm a member of the VBEA because I want to do my part to make sure the rights of ALL of us in education are honored and protected."

-Debbie P.
5th Grade Teacher

"I joined the VBEA because it is an important organization supporting both teachers individually and our profession as a whole. Coming into the profession during the pandemic made the need for support pretty clear! I look forward to stepping up to work more directly with my colleagues from across the district!”

-Rex H.
French Teacher

"I joined VBEA in 2019 because I was already active in the VEA as a student member for 4 years. I loved every VEA event I attended. I found a new home with my union family. The VEA and VBEA have been very welcoming and accepting of me. They always push me to reach farther, see my potential, and be my best self."

-Cat E.
3rd Grade Teacher


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Our Vision

A professional working environment for all Virginian Beach City Public Schools employees.

Our Mission

To advocate for education professionals and to unite our members to fulfill the promise of public education and to prepare every student to succeed in a diverse and independent world.