VBEA Members Took to Richmond to Stand Up for Public Education

Each year, the Virginia General Assembly considers legislation impacting public schools throughout Virginia. Each year, VBEA members join with the VEA in standing up for public education by speaking to legislators and urging them to do what is right for public schools and students. For more information about VEA's efforts in Richmond and the legislation we are following, visit the legislative page on the VEA website.

Are you a Virginia Beach City Public Schools Employee?

If you're an education professional, membership in your education association matters. The work you do is important, and you deserve the respect that the education association seeks for you. Because the work you do is vital to public education, you deserve a living wage, full benefits, and good working conditions. When you need someone, we're there for you. Education association conferences, workshops, and publications are all designed to make you better at what you do and to help you grow professionally. Join the Virginia Beach Education Association today.

Local Resources

Your membership in the Virginia Education Association gives you access to local resources to support your work as an education professional including a local office, full-time staff, professional learning opportunities, advice and support handling difficult situations, and access to legal representation when needed.

Statewide Impact

Your voice as a member of the Virginia Beach Education Association is amplified by the voices of members of local education associations throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia through the Virginia Education Association. The VEA actively shapes laws and regulations impacting education throughout Virginia.

National Vision

Great public schools is a national effort, and your membership in the Virginia Beach Education Association is also a membership to the National Education Association. The NEA advocates for education professionals in the United States with the vision of every student attending a great public school.