Collective Bargaining

Virginia Capitol

Collective Bargaining IS

  • A process resulting in a formal, written, and binding agreement between educators and their school division arrived at by negotiations between equal partners.
  • A joint process – thus the agreement will reflect the values and priorities of the local Union’s membership and community.
  • A way to address the concerns we see our students and colleagues encountering, like class sizes, access to up-to-date resources, planning time, or meaningful professional development.
  • A situation where no agreement can be unilaterally imposed by either side – it must be mutually agreed upon.
  • A process usually undertaken using one of two methods: interest-based bargaining or traditional bargaining.

Collective Bargaining IS NOT

  • A process in which what the school division wants is rubber stamped.
  • A chance to air individual complaints.
  • A deal cut in a backroom, in an aura of secrecy.
  • An agreement arrived at by a process that is mysterious to all but a few who are in the room.

For more, contact Kevin Manor, VEA UniServ Director, at [email protected]