Join the VBEA

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to pay dues through payroll deduction, you must go to ESS (Employee Self-Service) to complete this step. Your membership will not be activated until this step is complete. Click the button below for step-by-step instructions.

Membership Dues

These are the current annual dues amounts for the following position types:

Full-time Professional/Certified
$35.90 per pay period

Part-time Professional/Certified
$18.75 per pay period

Full-time Education Support Professional/Classified (ESP)
$18.75 per pay period

Part-time Education Support Professional/Classified (ESP)
$10.10 per pay period

$190.00 per year (not eligible for payroll deduction)

Early Enrollment allows First-Time members and Aspiring Educators to experience the transformative impact of being part of the union for no immediate cost. Enrollees will become members effective September 1 and receive immediate access to NEA Educators Employment Liability Program coverage (liability insurance) and NEA Member Benefits programs.