Virginia Beach's districts - and the way we vote for City Council and Virginia Beach School Board - have changed. Use this tool to find out which district you live in.

Political Action and the VBEA

As education professionals, it's important to understand the impact decisions made by elected officials have on our schools, our classrooms, and our families. That's why the education association provides an opportunity to members to organize and have a voice in local, statewide, and national elections through our associated political action committees. While we encourage members to contribute, volunteer for, and otherwise participate in efforts to elect supporters of public education, and the fair treatment of education professionals, it's important to note that no association dues dollars are used to support political candidates. It is also important to remember that political action committees associated with the education association are non-partisan.

The Virginia Beach Education Association Political Action Committee of Educators (VBEA PACE) focuses on supporting public education friendly candidates for the Virginia Beach City Council, Virginia Beach School Board, or representing Virginia Beach in the Virginia General Assembly. Any member of the Virginia Beach Education Association who contributes to VBEA PACE has the privilege of voting on which candidates VBEA PACE endorses. You can make a contribution to VBEA PACE here.

The Virginia Education Association Fund for Children and Public Education is VEA’s voluntary political action committee. Its mission is to help elect friends of public education. The VEA Fund makes campaign contributions to candidates for the legislature, statewide office, local school boards, and boards of supervisors or city councils. Of the money raised, 40 percent goes to the VEA Fund, 40 percent to local Association funds, and 20 percent to the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education. You can make a contribution to the VEA Fund for Children and Public Education here.

The National Education Association (NEA) Fund for Children and Public Education is a federal political action committee (PAC) for NEA members. The fund financial supports pro-public education candidates on the federal and state levels regardless of their political affiliation. The fund is also used to communicate directly with NEA members about the candidates they should support based on their positions on public education. More information can be found at