VBEA President Kelly Walker

Photo of Kelly Walker, Virginia Beach Education Association PresidentWelcome to the Virginia Beach Education Association (VBEA) website!  My name is Kelly Walker and I am proud to serve as the president of the VBEA.  The VBEA has a long a proud tradition of advocating for public education in Virginia Beach and for over 50 years the VBEA has provided a voice for its members.

I joined the VBEA over 20 years ago because as a teacher and single mom to 2 small children, I believed that membership in my professional organization would collectively offer a voice for me on important issues such as pay, health care, working conditions, and retirement compensation.  I was not wrong.  I am proud to say the Virginia Education Association (VEA) and the VBEA is often the only protection educators have when advocating for their rights and for public education.

Membership does many things for you; it provides a plethora of recertification opportunities, which includes our workshops for new educators.  Membership also provides both advocacy and legal protection for you. A highly trained staff is on hand, right here in Virginia Beach to provide day-to-day advice on matters germane to what transpires in every classroom and in every school in the city.  Furthermore, the liability insurance provides free legal counsel.

Most importantly, the VBEA has a healthy and strong working relationship with the administration, the school board, and other community groups. The positive relationship with the administration and the school board ensures that your voice is listened to when it comes to what happens in your classrooms.

For those who are already a member, thank you.  For those of you wishing to join, simply click on the join tab and complete the application.  Then, go to the Employee Self Serve (ESS) and select Professional Dues.  It is that easy.

The VBEA is there to support you, and not a single day goes by that you do not need the VBEA.


Kelly Walker
VBEA President