Recognizing American Education Week

Below is the transcript of Trenace Riggs, President of the Virginia Beach Education Association, speaking during non-agenda public comments at the November 18th meeting of the Virginia Beach School Board, recognizing American Education Week.

Chairman Edwards, Vice Chairman Brunke, distinguished members of the school board, and Dr. Spence; as President of the Virginia Beach Education Association, I thank you for this opportunity to speak in recognition of this week being American Education Week.

American Education Week presents all Americans with a wonderful opportunity to celebrate public education. It honors individuals who are making a difference in ensuring that every child receives a quality education.

The theme this year is, “Great Public Schools: A Basic Right, and Our Responsibility.” Throughout this week, we recognize the elected officials, community members, parents, administrators, educational support professionals, and educators. All of these individuals take on the responsibility to ensure that we are keeping the promise of great public education. This prepares all of our students to make significant and positive contributions to the world.

In his proclamation recognizing American Education Week, President Obama stated that, “With grit and passion, America’s teachers give life to education’s promise.  Our education-support professionals help ensure the health, well-being, and success of our children. In small towns and large cities, principals and district administrators cultivate communities that value learning and share a common vision of academic excellence…  An education that equips the leaders of tomorrow… This week, we honor the teachers, mentors, and professionals who guide our kids as they explore the world.”

Tonight, I encourage all of us to recognize the impact public education had on our lives, and give thanks for all those who dedicated countless hours to our success as students, and as people.

Being a product of the Virginia Beach Schools I owe my success to all of the employees in the Virginia Beach School System.

On behalf of the Virginia Beach Education Association, I thank all Virginia Beach City Public School Employees and leaders for their dedication. From the bus driver who is first to see the students in the morning, to the school board members who guide the direction of the division. I thank you for all that you do to ensure that every child can receive a quality education in Virginia Beach.

“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together”.