Why Join?

VBEA Membership is open to ALL active and retired employees of Virginia Beach City Public Schools.

Membership in the VBEA connects you to a network of educators who are actively working to improve our profession. Whether a novice or a career switcher, instructional assistant, custodian, food service worker, classroom teacher, or other school employee, we are all driven by similar passions. We believe that education can change the world. We believe that every child can learn. We believe that school employees are true heroes who affect the lives of every student they meet.

As a member of the VBEA, you have:

A voice, the ability to make changes in education.

A community of support, more than 1500 educators in our district who can help and support you.

A better skill set, through professional development and training.

A brighter future, as we advocate together.

Member Benefits

As a member of the Virginia Beach Education Association, you are also a member of the National Education Association and the Virginia Education Association which gives you access to many benefits, including discounts on insurance, school supplies, travel and more. Taking advantage of the vast array of savings and benefits available to you through your VBEA membership can actually help pay for the cost of membership dues. This is another reason why membership pays with the VBEA!

For more details on the benefits available to you, check out our affiliates' websites: